Jacob Edward
Jacob Edward 22 tundi tagasi
It's because Neoliberalism wants everything treated as a free market
Ted 22 tundi tagasi
John doesn't like Velveeta cheese?!? What?
Adam Ziel
Adam Ziel 22 tundi tagasi
Worked at an assisted living for over 3 years as a driver. I too pray my wife and I die before we have to go to one. I remember walking in some mornings with the smell of urine welcoming my nose, not a pleasant smell. One problem i saw was there were some staff that cared and some that didn't. Some cried that they couldn't do more and some who spent more time watching tv than helping residents. I could go one but this brings back horrible memories. I only stayed as long as I did because my boss was freaking awesome.
Chronicler9 22 tundi tagasi
This has been a passion of mine for years, but being able to have a loud enough voice (and deep enough pockets) to do anything to change it has proven difficult. Not to say I've stopped my endeavors, but it certainly is quite a steep climb. We definitely need to keep at this on a national level.
Leah Erin
Leah Erin 22 tundi tagasi
I had to replay 7:40 quite a few times, hilarious. I love John Oliver x3
Maranda Gibson
Maranda Gibson 22 tundi tagasi
My grandpa was at a Brookdale facility in South Carolina for about a month - thank God he had the capabilities and financial abilities to move himself to a different facility.
Dylan McCloskey
Dylan McCloskey 22 tundi tagasi
Discussing national debt without discussing the branch of government that controls taxing and spending is incredibly ignorant.
Richard Greenwood
Richard Greenwood 22 tundi tagasi
Ive got 2.
pee squee
pee squee 22 tundi tagasi
I mean if you dnt have the workforce obv gonna have problems especially in areas of low population plus wages are pretty fucked for most jobs
David Falotico
David Falotico 22 tundi tagasi
Another elitist communist
SayWhat? 22 tundi tagasi
Ironic how this country fights relentlessly against the right in choosing euthanasia but seems to have no problem with healthcare Capitalism where the company can expend as little profit as they desire to care for those that are forced to live miserably until their “natural” death.
B. Dickey
B. Dickey 22 tundi tagasi
So wait, this entire charade of an episode was to bash Republicans, Reagan, Bush, Trump, somehow make them "racist", all the while trying to convince the general public that runaway national debit is a GOOD thing? Wow. I seem to recall a segment that the interest payments that we pay for our debt was a terrible thing that the ultra-wealthy were profiting from, talk about mixed signals! But, this is what happens when you act like a propaganda arm of the Democrats.
ilebillybobjoe 22 tundi tagasi
They will only know when it’s too late...
Max Strand
Max Strand 22 tundi tagasi
Dogecoin is a Bitcoin fork as old as your grandmother. Also :man Olviver comes off as such a boomer in this clip:p
Moodymongul 22 tundi tagasi
Alex Jones is so funny. I aways laughed at how he said 'the state' were going to find ways to microchip us (including using phones). And using whacky psychological tricks, like; using the fear of death (and other such fears). Such a silly man Alex is. And, just recently, 60 minutes did a piece. In it they stated the pentagon now has a chip (created toward the end of the Cold War). That, once implanted, detects CV-19 and can then (when connected to a dialysis machine) filter CV-19 from your blood stream. It will save us all, keeping us from the reapers clutches. How thoughtful of our wonderful overlords! All Hail our Overlords!!
Denise von Arx
Denise von Arx 22 tundi tagasi
HES got big hair like his favorite guest Matt GAETZ 🤮🤮😂😂😂
CEO At Crystalsoft
CEO At Crystalsoft 22 tundi tagasi
Draw quarter any executive performing stock buybacks with public money
303Smilezzz 22 tundi tagasi
Flat out broke him down. Unfortunately its not very difficult.
Daniel Arturo Charry Meneses
Daniel Arturo Charry Meneses 22 tundi tagasi
Comments from the "Coal" video sent me to this glorious shitstorm: - ACLU-WV's amicus curiae in this case with the Dr. Evil comparison. - A read of Late Week Tonight's feedback (and comparison to The Daily Show). - The Emmy given to this segment and the whole program. After binging for over 3 weeks (introduced by Gun Laws / Jon Stewart), I can attest to the fact that John Oliver is essential TV.
Des S
Des S 22 tundi tagasi
says the country that nuked Japan and bombed civilians in 'terrorist countries'. China is trying to deal with terrorism in a more peaceful manner. Rather than bomb everyone and everything after a terrorist attack, they are trying to prevent it. Save your tears for the original Americans, whose culture and population is almost non existent in America. The Uighur population is growing and their culture is still very much alive. But thank you for your concerns. It's quite admirable how much you care about muslims outside of your country.
The Rusty Guitarist
The Rusty Guitarist 22 tundi tagasi
Wait... Velveeta isn't good for you!?! WTF!! I've been living a life of lies... Seriously though, this is fucked up, and that chipmunk voice person taking money from old ppl is almost too close to a Hollywood Villain plot... Holy Shit
Cooper Johnson
Cooper Johnson 22 tundi tagasi
Aren’t you just the same garbage act ... but for the left? You both need each other to divide the country. RIP journalism. Left and Right news is now as factual as the national enquire.
JustA Dad
JustA Dad 22 tundi tagasi
What Italy needs, is their pride again. Not their ancient glory and nationalistic pride. But the pride in being forward thinkers. Of masters in art that pushed humanity forward. Being proud of who you once were, only benefits anyone, if it aids to move forward now.
Chris Burton
Chris Burton 22 tundi tagasi
IU hope one of my friends or family shoots me, if of course they can get a gun.
Useless Ivan
Useless Ivan 22 tundi tagasi
In my culture it doesn't matter how extravagant the home is taking your parents to a retirement home is the same as just dumping them on to the streets.
Sailaway101 22 tundi tagasi
Wow... Americans shouldn't criticize the way other countries treat their own citizens considering what goes on in the US.
X__________ X__________
X__________ X__________ 22 tundi tagasi
I used to enjoy watching John Oliver but lately, I can't stand him. How about be funny? Nobody cares about your political views you British fancy lad.
JJ I 22 tundi tagasi
"They might want to avoid a nursing facility altogether which brings us to assisted suicide". John, nobody can pay $50K for 20 years. The money isn't there. So, move overseas where care is good and cheap or die cheaply. Well, one could destroy one's kids lives. For me, it's skydiving without a parachute.
El White Boy
El White Boy 22 tundi tagasi
I have 2 non verbal boys with Autism. It kills me to think of what would become of them if I died. I have enough grief dealing with the public education system taking advantage of the fact they can't speak.
graeme smith
graeme smith 22 tundi tagasi
me being sad that his second best investment wasn't the rat painting
Chris Burton
Chris Burton 22 tundi tagasi
Its about as bad as the comanches stoning the elders because the were unable to keep up with the band.
Sean Wu
Sean Wu 22 tundi tagasi
Its actually amazing how many people have actually fallen for this. lol. its weird how these 'abuses' have been happening for 6 years but only in the last year has been labeled as such. honestly its too late to run any kind of smear campaign. only the people in these white countries falling for it. and surprise surprise the world is bigger than that. Its always been amazing how these so called liberals will literally not believe anything trump says apart from things about China. I mean if you are gonna believe him, why not drink bleach? or go take over the government? e/ I didnt have the slightest idea of what was going on apart from what I see on MSM news but like it took literally 30 mins of watching random dudes that's actually there talking to Uighurs to see that all of it is bs. and I mean it makes sense, the US is so scared of China that they just make things up. reminds me of trump saying that biden was on performance enhancing drugs for a debate. lol.
Kricken the Kraken *
Kricken the Kraken * 22 tundi tagasi
Thank you. There’s nothing like getting older too make somebody start giving a shit about this.
The Federalist
The Federalist 22 tundi tagasi
John is definitely looking better in 21:43 than he would if time passed. That’s how you know, he fucked that plate.
Jordan Gooding
Jordan Gooding 22 tundi tagasi
The uhh the bit about them holding the square didn't age well
dan crowley
dan crowley 22 tundi tagasi
This song should be a number 1 hit if only our people cared
Goyo Y
Goyo Y 22 tundi tagasi
Greed in America always wins. No profit in compassion.
roberta clark
roberta clark 22 tundi tagasi
Nowadays, Medicaid will pay a friend or family member to care for the elderly and/or infirm at home. The theory is that they love the patient and will provide better care, and the patients would rather be in their own home than in a facility. It lessens financial stress on caretakers when they need to care for someone. I worked in skilled nursing facilities for 12 years, first as a CNA, then as an LPN. Yes, adequate staffing was ALWAYS a problem. Yet, we had several years of deficiency-free surveys. I was a CNA while in nursing school, then a "floater" nurse, ultimately a charge nurse. My first facility was a union shop- Local 1199 SEIU. We were almost all dedicated to our residents, with mutual love and respect. The administrators weren't always on our side, but the union represented us well. Our CNAs were mainly POC, very hard working and dedicated to providing good care. Clues to the level of care: no urine smell; residents up, dressed, showered or bathed weekly with daily bedbaths, in therapy or activities; decent food; very few skin breakdowns. In NY State, I needed 1000 hours of clinical training over two years of school. I was eligible to work as an aide after my first year. We were required to take an hour of in-service training every month. When I moved to New Mexico, there were no union shops. The pay & benefits sucked, & the stress was twice as crushing. Yet, on my unit, the level of care remained high. Working in that environment is a vocation; you are good at it because you feel called to do it, or you're terrible because you're only in it for the paycheck. Yes, there were shifty or abusive employees, but they didn't last long. I was proud of the care we provided. For-profit chains have been the worst thing to ever happen to skilled nursing. The greed of owners is what leads to staff burnout and declining standards of care. Please don't blame the staff... although I am now retired, I remain proud of my staff and the work we did. There are good places for the elderly, but you must research and always visit. Not everyone can care for the elderly at home; the good facilities remain a viable option for them. Blessed are the caretakers- they earn their seats in heaven... P.S. I cared for my own mother in my home for the last 2 years of her life, as she slowly declined. At first, as a retired nurse, she cared for me as I nearly died of liver failure. After my transplant, I returned the favor. She died as she wished, at home, with family around her. It was stressful; as she became more confused, she woke me every half hour begging for something to drink. She was incontinent as well. I was able to get hospice care at home, and she slipped away comfortably at age 92.
Joseph Kocenda
Joseph Kocenda 22 tundi tagasi
John, look me in the eyes, you must buy that plate.
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy 22 tundi tagasi
Weird al would destroy anyone on accordion. Put it in the Olympics!
Ben Chermside
Ben Chermside 22 tundi tagasi
It may sound bad but shark dentists actually die less than human dentist.
Marq Goldberg
Marq Goldberg 22 tundi tagasi
I've been a patient at DaVita since Sept 2019. Overall, I've been EXTREMELY satisfied with the staff. They really seem to care about their patients and doing their jobs to the best of their abilility.
Emarcee Q'em
Emarcee Q'em 22 tundi tagasi
To be fair, statistically, i think most women are going to use guns for self-defense, which, imagine all the rapists that would get shot-
The Inked Devil
The Inked Devil 22 tundi tagasi
This country expects those who are disabled due to childhood abuse to remain with their abusers in order to be able to actually afford to live on disability benefits. Saying they don't care about the disabled is an understatement and a half.
Luigizilla 22 tundi tagasi
I'll be honest, when John said "And I do mean anyone at 13:15 I was half expecting him to reveal that he opened an assisted living facility
maxwell Lavoie
maxwell Lavoie 22 tundi tagasi
As George Carlin once said "Fuck Tucker, Tucker Sucks"
R G 23 tundi tagasi
All this is accurate and is happening at bonaventure in Wa. I remember seeing stories like this as a kid on 20/20 with Barbara Walter's. The stories my mom has told me about her grandmother and the physical abuse & neglecting hygiene care.
Bazinga o Adekastos
Bazinga o Adekastos 23 tundi tagasi
That's a nice dystopia we have made for ourselves
Karelyn Rosa
Karelyn Rosa 23 tundi tagasi
I hope Snowden will someday be exonerated, pardoned, and welcomed back in the US.
Onyxx Productions
Onyxx Productions 23 tundi tagasi
Adam Driver has been replaced by a plate!
Joey Parm
Joey Parm 23 tundi tagasi
No Biden skits?.. CRICKETS
El CHE Freedom
El CHE Freedom 23 tundi tagasi
Plenty of shock value sexing wolf plates 🤣🤣🤣
Eric 23 tundi tagasi
21:18 Yay the corporate democrat Oliver endorses the crony upward transfer of wealth by the corporate democrat Biden. He's so edgy!
Toni Tiilikainen
Toni Tiilikainen 23 tundi tagasi
are you going to do video about dr.phil sending kids to these utah based child abuse camps?
John Large
John Large 23 tundi tagasi
did anyone just see the interview with charlie chester from CNN ? he openly admitted the whole goal of their so called news propaganda news network was to defeat TRUMP and it came from the top down.it was not to report news but totally to defeat TRUMP and be the propaganda arm for the sucking demo/chinese commie party
John D
John D 23 tundi tagasi
The national debt and what Democrats are doing to triple it... cover the boarder next....
Jameel Ja
Jameel Ja 23 tundi tagasi
That rap video was lit
David Gennaro
David Gennaro 23 tundi tagasi
Damn, that killin ' ..very clear examples of Carlsons derivations of what's ultimately Murdock's racist form of capitalism. .FOX is divisive intent ...Bad Guys, true scumbags.
prviolist 23 tundi tagasi
Idk what needs to reform. There is so much medicaid and medicare fraud going on. Places billing for shit they're not doing. But there's also understaffed and underpaid workers. Nurses and aides are both underpaid and overworked. I'm ok w 20 long term patients, but they push me to 25/26... I still have the same amount of hours .. so something has gta get cut. It's less time for each patient and more corners cut. If u don't finish on time, you'll get written up. They'll ask, why is everyone else finishing on time and you're not. No overtime for you. When they're understaffed they want you to do all this overtime w patients that are literally crazy and will make you crazy. Then you're burned out from the constant screaming. You get one aide on weekends bc god forbid they do weekend incentive pay. And it becomes a vicious cycle of everyone calling out bc they don't wanna be the lone person on a whole wing. Now we're getting a lot of formerly homeless ppl, drug addicts, severely mentally unstable, etc that were sent here to recover from covid complications. They physically and verbally abuse staff, try to steal from your cart, pressure you for more drugs, stronger pain pills. Some of them know the system and know what to say to get more pills. You know right away when you see someone is "allergic" to tylenol, advil, motrin etc. Bc they wna skip the easy stuff and go straight to the hard stuff. It's fkn terrible. I hate these places. If your family member is not alert and oriented enough to advocate for themselves, forget it. We don't get paid enough for the physical and mental exhaustion. The states need to all write nurse/pt ratio laws!
Tom Collins
Tom Collins 23 tundi tagasi
A skilled nursing facility and nursing home are not the same thing. While Medicare DOES cover the first 100 days in a SNF, it covers 0 days in a nursing home. SNF is like rehab center, ready to leave inpatient hospital but not ready to go home. Nursing home = " home " , not leaving.
Dan Bolton
Dan Bolton 23 tundi tagasi
We are all going to die! LET IT GO!!!
Peter Poertner
Peter Poertner 23 tundi tagasi
John describing the problem: “Government has made things very difficult !” John describing the solution: “We need more government!”
Nathan Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez 23 tundi tagasi
I’m sorry what? It’s spiders ? You just going to leave us hanging on that comment ?
john russo
john russo 23 tundi tagasi
CARLSON IS A RACIST........doing the same hate/fear show every nigt
꧁༒ ᴛʜᴇ Sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇsᴛ Bᴇᴅғᴇʟʟᴏᴡ.༒꧂
꧁༒ ᴛʜᴇ Sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇsᴛ Bᴇᴅғᴇʟʟᴏᴡ.༒꧂ 23 tundi tagasi
john - i appreciated your self-referential bit, regarding your desire for *not* wanting to have to do a show, in 5 years, on the latest way a solution that was meant to fix a problem has lead to yet _more_ problems (and crafting a graphic for that theoretical show) i guess, at this point? all i can do is echo the chant, _eat the (selfish) rich_ now, i never had a taste for leeches but, i guess for this one instance, i can make an exception quality programming as always guv! thanks for bringing more people's attention to this latest (yet, long-existing!) travesty. nothing about stephanie costa screams _i care about the plight of the invalid and the elderly._ i will *never* say anyone can't make a profit. but what i _am_ advocating for is, _please take care of your fucking people first (the ones whose labours and patronage are helping you make your money!), before you go splurging on yourself!!_
Soft As Fur
Soft As Fur 23 tundi tagasi
Vendetta Vega
Vendetta Vega 23 tundi tagasi
For the peoples who keep sending their money to these FLAKES and FAKES PREACHERS I DON"T FEEL BAD FOR YOU. You are just as FLAKY in your minds as they are FAKES. "THERE IS A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE" STILL PROVEN A TRUE STATEMENT WITH THESE PEOPLES.
Mrs OBrian
Mrs OBrian 23 tundi tagasi
Noooo he needs to be in Bridgeton!!!
The Jurassic Chicken
The Jurassic Chicken 23 tundi tagasi
The “sexist” video was him talking about how he doesn’t like pregnant woman on the battlefield. Although at the same time him saying the Chinese military is getting more masculine is somewhat sexist.
Tom Otero
Tom Otero 23 tundi tagasi
Damn it, John! If it's spiders in 5 years I am holding you personally responsible!
Sandrs Abbott
Sandrs Abbott 23 tundi tagasi
I wish I had seen this 3 years ago but instead I lived it with my dad... he died 3 years ago and we lived a nightmare the months he was sick... Kindred (Glendora Ca) was Hell on earth, & eventually they threw him out & then we had to pay different people to come help me in my dads home... He did finally diet citrus hospice Covina California, & that place was awesome...
Ernesto Marcos
Ernesto Marcos 23 tundi tagasi
As a non-American when I think of the Scottish independence I don't think of an Australian millionaire anti-Semite but of Pacey Witter in Dawson's Creek imitating said Australian millionaire anti-Semite in drag.
Erica Shady
Erica Shady 23 tundi tagasi
17:06 HA! I forgot about that. All I can remember is the guy being dumped in a shelter. Man! Us, working class and poor people, sure do not know how we are going to end. I be lucky if I am dead by 70. Please, Life, keep me healthy or take me out.
RepellentJeff 23 tundi tagasi
While you often do forget facts from a video shortly after it ends, there’s one fact that I always take away from every single Last Week Tonight: *GodDAMN, we’re so fucked.*
ShroomyK 23 tundi tagasi
I'm so glad none of my grandparents ever had to go to such a place. Two of them died suddenly without a long decline preceding, and 2 we were able to care for, as a family, in their last weeks on this earth. I pray I will never have to send my parents to one. I know my family would do whatever it takes to care for them at home if they need it. I also have a disabled uncle who my mom cares for. We have been blessed to be able to take care of our own family when they need it. It's crazy to me that nursing homes and such have pretty much become synonymous with "abuse and neglect" for decades yet nothing is done to address fundamental issues. You can see similar issues too at mental hospitals and homes for people with mental or cognitive disabilities. I don't really blame the nursing staff themselves. Overwork and not enough support causes empathy fatigue, which causes indifference and abuse toward patients. The whole system needs an overhaul and restructure so this doesn't happen. If administration takes care of their nursing staff, the nursing staff can properly care for their patients the way they wanted to when getting into the profession.
p1gnone 23 tundi tagasi
spiders did you say? www.sciencealert.com/we-could-learn-to-communicate-with-spiders-with-music-made-from-their-webs
Katelind Olson
Katelind Olson 23 tundi tagasi
I recycle but now I feel like as ass. Like what good does that really do? How do I ACTUALLY help animals and the Earth???
Heather Shaw
Heather Shaw 23 tundi tagasi
😱, I totally guessed it. I'm like the pond is where they hide the bodies of the residents they kill due to their ignorance and malfeasance.
CalkinPlanet 23 tundi tagasi
American healthcare, from birth to death, is not designed to help people. It's designed to make people money. All our problems, this included, stem from that.
Joshua H.
Joshua H. 23 tundi tagasi
So to sum up another episode of propaganda. Democrats say Debt is good if your doing something "useful" with the money, like what creating inflation? LOL fucking idiots.
hillocat101 23 tundi tagasi
My father worked in a Long term care facility. He irreversibly injured his back most likely caring for a patient by himself, lived with terrible pain for the rest of his life then the opioid pandemic killed him due to the mishandling of pain meds. He died of an overdose on methadone. Not surprises by this.